Andrew Grogan

My name is Andrew Grogan and I am local geographer who grew up in Tucson and has worked in the geospatial industry for twenty years. I received my bachelor’s from the University of Arizona’s School of Geography and Development with a focus on arid lands, environmental perception and urban terrain analysis. I received my master’s in GIS from Penn State University’s MGIS program which concluded with a capstone focusing on creating a spatial analysis model for generating cost surfaces to depict cross country mobility in natural terrain. In my twenty year professional GIS career I have worked for companies like General Dynamics doing geospatial development and production for a broad range of subjects including GEOINT and analysis of human/natural terrain systems. In other positions I have done GIS database, mapping and analysis work for large environmental engineering projects across the US. I’m a world traveler and avid fly fisherman with a facination with the natural world. As the Assistant Director of the BS and MS-GIST programs I provide instruction/technical support for GIS and Remote Sensing courses and general administrative functions across all three GIST degree programs.