Kyle Hartfield

M.A. Geography, University of Arizona, 2010

B.A. Geography, University of Arizona 2008

I specialize in the integration of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System techniques for multi-disciplinary research.

My current research projects include:

Identification of vegetation species along the Lower Gila River to help the BLM manage invasive plants in the region.

Development of an online tool for the NPS to evaluate the impacts of environmental changes on cultural resources along the Rocky Mountains.

Data collection in regards to the state of the Eastern Mojave along the border of Nevada and California.

Combining LiDAR, drone photographs and multispectral image data to measure the amount of water created from snow events along the Mogollon Rim in central Arizona.

My past research projects include:

Assessing environmental changes due to gold mining operations in Ghana

Mapping of woody plant cover in the central United States over three decades

The fusion of LiDAR data with high spatial resolution data to map mosquito habitat.

The examination of multiple classification techniques to discern different types of crops.

Examination of trends in phenology throughout South America.

The impact urban development has on owl nesting patterns.

Through my experience with problem solving using a variety of Remote Sensing and GIS software I provide a unique learning experience focused on techniques.

Courses Taught:

GEOG/GIST 330: Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 417/GIST: Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences
GIST 601B: Remote Sensing Science

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