Graduate Minor in GIST

Graduate Minor in GIST

Unlock the World of Data

Broaden your skill set and elevate your career prospects by pursuing a Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIST) minor at the University of Arizona. In today's interconnected global landscape, the capacity to analyze and interpret spatial data is increasingly invaluable across numerous sectors.

Our GIST minor provides students with the chance to delve into the core principles of GIS technology, spatial analysis methodologies, and data visualization techniques. Whether your primary field of study is geography, environmental science, urban planning, or a related discipline, integrating a GIST minor into your academic pursuits will furnish you with a competitive advantage in the professional arena.

Through immersive coursework and practical projects, you'll gain proficiency in collecting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing geographic data using industry-standard GIS software. From mapping and spatial modeling to geodatabase architecture and remote sensing, our curriculum encompasses a diverse array of subjects to equip you for success in your chosen career trajectory.

Students in any degree program can minor in GIST. The GIST minor provides top-quality training and coursework. Our flexible schedule and consistent course offerings are ideal for MA, MS, and PhD students from any department on campus. The GIST minor requires 9 units, with no required courses. The 3 courses you select will help you in your research and scholarship, and are designed to fit your unique needs. Contact Dr. Chris Lukinbeal with questions about how to enroll in and select courses for your GIST minor.

Embark on a transformative journey with us and harness the potential of GIS technology to address intricate spatial challenges and make well-informed decisions in your future endeavors.