Alex Smith Alumnus from the MS-GIST Program 2015 is supporting the George Floyd or Black Lives Matter protests by highlighting their extent using Esri's ArcGIS Online. "I am a GIS analyst in Tucson who is mapping every city or town I can find that has held a George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protest... Read More
Carlos Parada who just graduated from the MS-GIST program was has been hired as a Support Analyst on the Geodatabase Team at Esri in Charlotte. He joins five other former UA MS-GIST alumni in the Esri Charlotte office. Congratulations Carlos!           
MS-GIST still accepting applications for Fall 2020 so now is the time to submit your application.  Advance your career in the fast-growing geospatial industry with our MS in Geographic Information Systems Technology. Feel free to contact us for more detail on the MS-GIST Program at the University... Read More
GIST Faculty Fernando Sanchez-Trigueros and his colleagues have a new publication titled "Grassland, Forest and Riparian Ecosystems on Mixed-Ownership Federal Lands Adjacent to the crow Indian Reservation: Developing a Protective Shield for Sustainability of the Environment and Culture From the... Read More
MS-GIST student Jim Wilcox recently landed a position as a Geospatial Analyst for Statistical Research, Inc. From Jim: I am a Geospatial Analyst working for Statistical Research, Inc. My duties are digitizing and preparing cultural resources impact maps as well as updating metadata from current and... Read More


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