For this week's GIST Coop in Tucson, Alumni Ryan Gillespie and Heidi Peterson will both br presenting result from their amazing Master Project research. Canopy Structure and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher: A LiDAR-derived Habitat Suitability Model -- Ryan Gillespie, UA MS-GISTRegional Mapping and... Read More
MS-GIST alumnus, Mohamed Mohamed co-presented a paper at the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo with UA's Javiar Osorio.  There paper was titled, Mapping Violent Presence of Armed Actors in Colombia.  More about the project can be found here:     
Chasing the city center is a journey through Tucson's story
Media's Mapping Impulse Chris Lukinbeal (ed.), Laura Sharp (ed.), Elisabeth Sommerlad (ed.), Anton Escher (ed.) Cartography is one of the oldest forms of media. With cartography and media, meaning, ideology, and power are commonly arbitrated across and through space and time. Media has an... Read More
The UA MS-GIST Program would like to congratulate recent graduate Mohamed Mohamed who has secured a position as an Engineering Technician with KLJ Engineering in Omaha, Nebraska. From Mohamed: Six weeks after my graduation ceremony, I started working for KLJ Engineering as an Engineering Technician... Read More


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