Checking in with Michael Levengood Geospatial Instructional Specialist

Michael Levengood, a 2014 graduate of the MS-GIST in-person program, has worked as an Instructional Specialist for the MS-GIST online program since January 2015. He provides assistance to students through weekly online discussions and virtual office hours; tracks and evaluates student progress; and develops instructional materials for the program’s online courses. Michael also consults on GIS-related research, including geospatial data analysis and visualization tasks, through the Geospatial Collaborative Initiative at the University of Arizona. Michael currently resides in Concepción, Chile, where he also teaches English and translates and edits academic articles on a freelance basis. He has also shared his experiences and knowledge about GIS with public and educational institutions in Chile. For his MS-GIST in-person Master’s Project, Michael created an interactive online web map of public transportation routes in Valdivia, Chile. He is currently working to extend this research and develop online map applications for other cities in Chile.