Nathan Wasserman, MS-GIST Alumni 2014, hired at BPG Designs

Nathan Wasserman is a field technician at BPG Designs, LLC, a highly-regarded telecommunications engineering and construction company based in Tempe, Arizona. Nathan tells us that “throughout the past year, I have utilized many types of sensors and tools to collect data including Samsung and iPad tablets, Bad Elf receivers, Topcon IP-S2 and IP-S3 mobile mapping trucks, SenseFly eBee with RGB and SODA sensors, Topcon FC-5000 and Hiper SR for topo survey, and Leica ScanStation static LiDAR, among others.” So, Nathan, what the best part about your job?  “The coolest part of my job is getting to travel. BPG has sent me to all corners of the country. Some cities include: San Diego, Las Vegas, Tucson, Monterey, Grass Valley, New York City, and upstate New York. Working for BPG Designs has been a true blessing. Thanks to my MS-GIST from the University of Arizona, I have been able to continue to build myself professionally and achieve my dreams.”