Naveed Ahmed, Master's in GIS Graduate, Hired by University of Arizona

We are thrilled to announce that Master's in GIS 2015 graduate, Naveed Ahmed, has agreed to a position with the University of Arizona. Naveed will be working as a GIS Application Developer with the University of Arizona's Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS). In this position, Naveed will develop and maintain existing and new desktop and web-based GIS applications and assist with project management. Specific tasks include analyzing needs and systems, software code development, testing and debugging, interface design, documentation, and deployment of GIS applications, tools, and web services for University business, administrative, and facility functions. Naveed is definitely up to this challenge, and I know that he will meet the challenge with a big smile.

While Naveed may be grateful to have landed this position at the University of Arizona, it is the UA that should truly be thankful for the services that Naveed will provide in the years to come. His skillset--and extremely kind demeanor--is ideal for what this position demands, and we know that Naveed has still not maxed out his prowess in GIS and Developing: we doubt that he has any limits. It should also be mentioned that Naveed was concurrently being courted by another entity to utilize his skills during the interview process. We are so happy to hear that Naveed chose to join the Wildcat family, again. From MS-GIST Graduate to University of Arizona employee: BEAR DOWN!!!

Congratulations, Naveed! We are absolutely ecstatic that you can call the University of Arizona "Home". You've earned this!