Registering for your Spring 2021 GIST courses

The following GIST courses will be offered in Spring 2021: 

Spring I Spring II
GIST 909
(1-6 credit units depending on your program)

A few notes about the Spring schedule:

  • New students should sign up for the two entry courses at the least (GIST 601A, GIST 601B).
  • Usually, students follow the recommended part-time schedule and enroll in two courses that are at the same numerical level but in different letter sessions (e.g., GIST 602A and GIST 602B), so they can focus on a single course at a time.
  • We strongly recommend that you complete your regular courses (i.e., from GIST 601A to GIST 604B) before enrolling in GIST 909 (GIST capstone).
  • If you plan to start your GIST 909 capstone project in Spring 2021, feel free to contact Prof. Fernando Sanchez as he will be the capstone advisor next spring. In the meantime, please read the last section (pp. 33-40) of the MS-GIST Handbook as it contains preliminary information and directions relative to the capstone and the graduation process.
  • If you are taking courses as a full-time student, you will be enrolling in more than two courses this semester.
  • Estimated study time for a single course ranges from 15 to 22 hours per week, depending on your technical skill level and prior knowledge. Plan accordingly! 

Registration dates

  • 11/2/2020 Enrollment begins for Arizona Online (formerly UA Online) students
  • 11/2/2020 Enrollment begins for students who have used the GI Bill in the current term
  • 11/5/2020 Enrollment begins for Graduate (Main Campus) students