Welcome to the UAGIST Podcast

Join us every Monday morning on your virtual ride to work, rain or shine, with the UA GIST Podcast on Soundcloud and YouTube. On the UA GIST Podcast we will talk with alumni from the GIST program and specialist in the geospatial industry across the state of Arizona and beyond.

“The podcasts will not only highlight successful careers by alumni, but also show how applied geographic work contributes to improving the quality of life in communities in Arizona and around the world,” said Chris Lukinbeal, Director of the GIST program and Associate Professor in the School of Geography, Development & Environment.  Tune in this Monday as we talk with Nirav Merchant, the Director of UA's Data Science Institute about COVID Watch Arizona, Cyverse and Jetstream.  








Hannajane Prichett, Producer & Editor  /  Yoga Korgaonkar, Guest-Host  /  Jennifer Mason, Host