Bachelors of Science in GIST (BS-GIST), Online

We offer a 42-unit, online Bachelors of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology. Our program is designed to train future GIST professionals and academics.

Masters of Science in GIST (MS-GIST), In Person and Online

We offer two Masters of Science degree options: a fully online program and an in-person accelerated night program. Our degrees are aimed toward the working professional seeking careers or advancement in careers in Geographic Information Science and Technology.

Professional Certificate in GIS (P-GIST), Online

The Professional Geographic Information Systems Technology (P-GIST) certificate provides training for those seeking employment in the high growing geospatial industry.

Academic Minor in GIST (In Person or Online)

Students in any degree program can minor in GIST. The GIST minor provides top-quality training and coursework. Our flexible schedule and consistent course offerings are ideal for MA, MS, and PhD students from any department on campus.

The GIST minor requires 9 units, with no required courses. The 3 courses you select will help you in your research and scholarship, and are designed to fit your unique needs.

Contact Dr. Chris Lukinbeal with questions about how to enroll in and select courses for your GIST minor!