MS-GIST In Person Program

The Master's of Science in Geographic Information Systems Technology provides training for those seeking employment in the high growing geospatial industry.

MS-GIST In Person is now accepting for FALL 2024

Geographic information is used across a wide range of fields, from real estate and marketing to urban and environmental planning. That is why the US Department of Labor suggests that geographic information-related positions will grow by almost 30% over the next ten years, making this field one of the fastest growing in the United States. This comprehensive program trains students in the advanced skills to take up geographic-information related positions across the wide range of industries employing these professionals. The program is designed for students with both limited and advanced skills in geographic information science and technology. The program does not require a graduate record exam (GRE) and it can be completed with 18-months or over a longer-period of time through part-time enrollment.




“I am currently working as GIS Application Developer at the University of Arizonaand without a question in my mind, graduation from UA’s GIS program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It helped me to land the best job. MS-GIST from UA polished my GIS programming abilities and improved my analytical and GIS problem solving skills to great deal.”   
-- Naveed Ahmed, MS-GIST